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What is a virtual background for Zoom and Teams?

If your house is a mess or you just want to look more professional, you can easily change your meeting background to the office you’ve always dreamed of.

Can I use my office without a green screen?

You don't need any special equipment to use your Branded Virtual Office. All you need is a plain wall or another surface (like a curtain) of a single color.

How to use your Branded Virtual Background

Before you start, check that your system is supported by Zoom or Teams.

  1. Position your camera so you have a solid, single-color background.

  2. Download your AQuity Digital branded background and save it to your computer or phone.

  3. Click the "Add Image" or "+" button and add your office.

  4. Your'e set!

If you need more help, watch the following video.

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