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Create a branded virtual office background

While COVID-19 has pushed many of us to work from home, we've lost our company's branding and reputation. Create a more professional impression on your customers and partners. Simply select your office, fill in your information and upload your logo.

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The Best Tools & Practices for Remote Teams

Run Better Meetings
It’s easy to ping people with virtual meeting invites and fill that white space on your calendar. That doesn’t mean you should always do it. Just like in-person meetings, make sure you have a clear purpose to hold a meeting before scheduling one. Meetings should be focused, productive time to accomplish work together as a team. (One of our Meeting Mantras as Voltage control is: Do the work in the meeting, not after). Make sure to double down on video conferencing etiquette and utilize the following tools to get the most out of your virtual meetings.
 VirtualOffice – Brand your virtual office for your Zoom calls. 

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15 Ways to Make Your Video Calls Instantly Better

Pro tip:

if you love using Zoom like me, there are a lot of apps out there that boost your video call experience. Here are some of my favorites: VirtualOffice lets you create a professional-looking background in your Zoom calls.


Look professional in Zoom Meetings
You can take advantage of the custom background feature to look your professional best in Zoom Meetings with office setup and company logo on the wall set as a virtual background for Zoom Meetings even when you’re working from home. The image above is created using services from Virtual Office. You can get a similar backdrop for Zoom Meetings for your company too.