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How to use Virtual Backgrounds in Microsoft Teams - Virtual Office

Updated: Jul 13

How to upload your Virtual Backgrounds to a Microsoft Teams call

How you present yourself online has never been so important. In 2020, video conferencing is how we conduct all of our most important meetings, with Microsoft Teams being the software of choice for many businesses over the world… and how you appear on that call matters.

One way to look a step ahead on video calls is with a virtual background: it allows you to easily set the tone you like to achieve, be it with a professional virtual office, chic designed room or cozy lounge. Or, to give an even more professional look, it allows you to place behind you a custom branded background for your business. It’s a lot cheaper and easier than branding an entire real-life wall space - and just as effective.

Whether you want to add a sleek edge to sales video calls, or an added layer of professionalism to your next job interview, or simply a fun background for catching up with friends and family, here’s your step by step guide to adding your own virtual background in Microsoft Teams.

virtual background for microsoft teams

1. Make sure you have the latest version of Microsoft Teams

First, sign up for an account and install the Microsoft Teams app. You can download the latest version for desktop or mobile right here.

background effects microsoft teams virtual background

2. Open a new meeting and select ‘Show Background Effects’

Open a new meeting, click on the (...) icon to open the menu and make sure that you have the ‘Show background effects’ option available.

3. The Teams virtual backgrounds available will appear in the menu to your right

You’ll be shown the preset virtual backgrounds available in Microsoft Teams which you can select from. To upload your own virtual background just select add new and upload your virtual background.

Add new virtual background to microsoft teams

4. Choose Your Microsoft Teams virtual background

In the Background Settings menu in Microsoft Teams, you’ll see your chosen background appear at the bottom of the thumbnails. If you want to check it before anyone else can see it, click Preview. If you’re happy with how it looks, go ahead and click ‘Apply’ to set your background.

how to use virtual background in Microsoft Teams

5. You're all set! (your background will look mirrored but that's OK)

Branded virtual background for teams - VirtualOffice

The picture you see is mirrored but the video picture that others see from you will be correct. Can be confusing when you don't know this and just see your own and read text backward. ** There is no setting to change this in Windows 10 and if you have software that can switch it on your side it will be mirrored on the attendee's side instead.

Virtual background for microsoft teams

Create your branded virtual office for Microsoft Teams

Choose your virtual background and upload your logo.

Microsoft Teams Virtual Backgrounds

With the COVID-19 pandemic looming large globally since March 2020, WFH has become the norm for nearly one and all. It does not bear emphasis that since you’ve to attend digital meetings, make and receive online video calls routinely you’ve to keep yourself and your background presentable. Of all the various video communication or videoconferencing apps that employers, employees, organizations, and individuals are using extensively nowadays, Microsoft Teams is one of them.

Most of those who use Microsoft Teams for video calling or online conferencing often don’t realize the importance of having a trendy Microsoft Teams virtual background. There are some noticeable and definite benefits of uploading and presenting an elegant, trendy, and eye-catching <