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How to use Virtual Backgrounds in Google Meet - Virtual Office

Updated: Jul 13

How to upload your Virtual Backgrounds to a Google Meet call

Note: this is a new feature and might not be available on your google meet. It should be available to all by mid-November.

You can now replace your background with an image in Google Meet, One of Zoom's most favorite features is now available also on Google Meet! Choose Google’s gallery of background images (includes a variety of office backgrounds, landscapes backgrounds, and many more, or upload your own background image to use as a virtual background for Google Meet.

You can set up / change your virtual background in advance or during a call:

Prior to a call

1. Open Google Meet on your computer.

2. On the bottom right of your self-view, click on the icon - a text should pop -"change your background". if this is not the text you see. the feature is yet to be available on your computer. 3. Upload your background image.

4. Choose the image you want and this will automatically be the default background for your next calls.

During a call

1. During an ongoing Google Meet video call, click on the More button from the  (..)

2. Click "change background" - if you don't see the text the feature is yet to be available on your computer. 3. Upload your background image.

4. Choose the image you want and this will automatically be the default background for your next calls.

google meet virtual background - virtual office


mirrored virtual background google meet

1. your background will look mirrored but that's OK. The picture you see is mirrored but the video picture that others see from you will be correct. 2. Your camera will automatically turn on when you activate the virtual background.

3. Changing the backgrounds might slow down your computer.

Create your branded virtual office for Google Meet Choose your virtual background and upload your logo.

Google Meet Virtual Backgrounds

Google’s video-communication service Google Meet (originally called Hangouts Meet) became intensely popular during the Covid-19 pandemic with 100 million daily users in April 2020. With Google rolling out new updates recently you can now make the most of free virtual background for Google Meet for your WFH meetings and videoconferencing. As working from home has become the order of the day for practically everyone in the post-Covid-19 world, digital discussions and video calls are now commonplace.

However, if you’ve been finding attending digital meetings and consultations a tad too repetitive and monotonous, then you’re in luck. Google lately made it known that you can replace or change your Google Meet virtual background for free. On the other hand, you can do away with your existing virtual background for the Google Meet extension and opt for a completely new and refreshing one.

Google Meet is being increasingly used alongside Zoom and Microsoft Teams as a video conferencing platform by individuals and institutions worldwide. Nevertheless, as of now, the updated feature is presently available only on Mac and Windows desktops and/or laptops. Google is planning to make the upgrade available for smartphones sooner than later. In the meantime, you can change your current Google Meet background using your default browser and don’t require any additional browser extension.

Working day-in-day-out from home has oftentimes caused embarrassment for most working professionals with the background clutter quite clearly visible. You’d not want your colleagues and superiors to see clothes and books strewn all around as you attend a meeting on Meet. Well, now you can wish goodbye to all that muddle and mess by effortlessly changing the Google Meet backgrounds.

Google Meet Backgrounds

For your Google Meet virtual background, you can pick and choose from wallpaper backgrounds, outdoor space backgrounds, and workspace backgrounds. However ensure that you fulfill the minimum stipulated criteria before you can use or change virtual background for Google Meet:


· 1.6GHz CPU clock speed (minimum)

· 4 CPU cores at least

· ARM64 architecture

In case you fall short of the above prerequisites do not worry. You can always modify or alter your Google Meet virtual background before the conferenc